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Our research aims to gain a better understanding of the main ethical, social and environmental impacts of nanotechnological innovations. Among the main areas we deal with are:

Risk: risk analysis and management from the perspective of constructive or participative analyses of technological risk.

Dissemination and public understanding: perception, understanding, diffusion, communication and education are essential for different audiences to be able to debate the issues related to nanotechnological research and to participate in the decision making process through interactive and participative concepts.

Technology transfer: internal articulation, transference, organizational and strategic issues. Methodologies that spark public interest in responsible research on environmental sustainability must be considered.

Bioethics, nanobioethics and biopolitics: specific ethical considerations and discourse on problems emerging (now and in the future) due to the development of nanotechnology.

Sustainability: the search for sustainability, despite the endless controversy over its exact meaning and how it can be achieved, is a challenge that cannot be avoided any longer given the overwhelming environmental crises which are threatening us.

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