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Our research combines conceptual analysis with empirical work (laboratory, etc.) using methodologies that vary in accordance with the subject being researched and the training of the researcher. We take great care not to reify the object being studied or to treat it as a separate, unique entity, because "nanotechnology" is a label that covers a broad and heterogeneous family of technological programmes and products with very different meanings and real or potential implications.

We study different social, environmental and ethical aspects of nanotechnological innovations, in particular:

> The
creation of nanotechnological products in the laboratory.

> The process of
technology transfer from research centres to businesses and consumers.

> The
dissemination, communication and understanding of scientific results and nanotechnological discoveries.

> The
risks that nanotechnological innovations could present to security, health, equal access to resources, the environment, etc.

> The
ethical aspects as well as the responsible development of technology and public commitment to science.

We are also developing a research project entitled "Evaluation of the transfer process of new nanotechnological materials in diagnostic and medical treatment equipment" (
Evalnanomed), financed by ACIISI (Canarian Research, Innovation and Information Society Agency) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Specifically, within ACIISI 's
NanoMac structural project , we are evaluating the transfer process of new nanotechnological materials being carried out by the group led by Catalina Ruiz Pérez, of the Fundamental Physics Department of the University of La Laguna, with which this project is presented in coordination (name of the coordinated project: "From materials to applications: the first step in nanofabrication"). The project evaluates nanotechnology transfer using a multidisciplinary approach and focusing on a select group of nanomedical applications.

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